Horse Schooling & Important Information

The School (or arena) is the perfect place to safely exercise and train your horse. There are many factors involved with the construction, layout and position of the school that can alter determine how useful the school can become. Whether deciding to build an equestrian riding school / arena or whether choosing if the arena on your yard is suitable for what you want to do in it, there are factors that should be considered.

Is the schools surface suitable for the riding or exercise you have planned?

-Different disciplines or exercises will require different surface depths.

-Too deep can strain the tendons of the horses legs or too shallow will not provide the horse with enough cushioning but should be firm enough to provide suitable traction.

-The surface type can affect the amount of dust, cushioning, durability and time you will need to spend maintaining your arena.

Is there enough light to ride in?

-Flood lights can be added to outdoor arenas quite easily, extending the amount of time the arena can be used for.

Is the size of the school big enough for the work you want to do with the horse?

-Speeds, jumping, driving and dressage, when performed, will all require a large sized arena to enable enough space for maneuvers to be performed. A small dressage arena is often 60×40 meters.

What is the drainage like?

-Dust can be a nuisance when riding in an arena and can lead to lung damage to you and your horse. It should be watered if dust is likely to be a problem. Sufficient drainage systems should be in place, especially in outdoor arenas, to prevent rain from affecting the quality and time spent riding on the surface.

The walls or fencing on the school is an important feature to consider. Is it safe? Are there any parts of it that could catch the rider or horse as they travel past? Any such problem should be rectified first before the school is ridden in.

It is a common feature of many horse riding schools to have markers on the walls or boundaries. They help instructors when teaching and riders when training for competition. The most common are the dressage markers, A, C, F, H, K, M, E, B, and show jump numbers 1-12. R, S, V and P are also used in larger arenas for dressage. Other items that are common place in riding schools are jump wings, pole cups and Mounties (mounting blocks). Other disciplines like carriage driving will require more specific items like driving cones.

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Feeding tips for a healthier horse in winter

Taking care for your horse is a obligation for the entire year, although in winter you need to pay attention to some distinguishing things that are very substantial if you like your animal to be in good condition and satisfied as well.  See these advices step by step, as you are learning the tips for the horse games, for example.

During winter your horse could become too easily upset.  To resolve this, look into his daily intake of food, you are possibly feeding him too much or you use feeds too high in cereal starch.  Diets which are reduced in starch and high in fibre and oil can give more slow-release energy.  Cut down on your horse’s feed from the evening before a day off to the evening after, specifically if his daily intake of food is cereal-based.  This will decrease the chance of tying-up.  Another substantial thing is to feed him for the work done, not the work you are going to do.

To decrease the chance of digestive problems, avoid unexpectedly changes to your horse’s diet.  Don’t feed the horse too much, it is usual to drop weight in the winter and put on condition in the spring, but in any case, use a conditioning feed if the horse is to much prone to weight loss.

For older horses, needs to be chosen a specialist veteran feed for reason that they usually give extra nutritional support.

Besides the food, there are also specific winter stable tasks.  Tack room needs to be kept enough warm, it may start growing mould if it gets actually cold and damp.  Gear, reins and stirrups don’t need to be dragged on the floor, they need to be arranged es possible, it is troubling to left them lying about.

To dry, the rugs need to be hung on pegs or on a rug dryer.  Band the belly straps and bring up the neck straps before you hang them.  This way you will stop them flying about and hitting you when you throw the rugs up to dry or pull them down for use.

You may use a fork to analyze if your horse’s bed is deep adequately.  You need to stab it at the floor strongly and if you hear it hitting the cemented, it’s not thick adequately.

It’s nice to put a cover of Vaseline on the legs of the horse before turning him out.  The product is pretty inexpensive although it makes a barricade against the wet creates and will help guard him from mud fever.  If the horse covers his face in wet dirt, you may use baby wipes to clean the difficult areas about the eyes and nose.  These are the areas that you can’t brush.

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Horse Treatment

Animals are inclined to various diseases. Some of these might depart everlasting injury whereas others are fatal. One example, which may go either means, is equine colic.  This happens when the horse experiences ache within the abdomen and things can worsen if medical consideration shouldn’t be administered  immediately. 
If the physician has not arrived yet, the individual can do certain things, which might help within the treatment. This contains taking the temperature and monitoring the heart charge, recalling what kind of food was given the previous few days as well as the water consumption and  checking the colour of the gums. 
The veterinarian could also be on call elsewhere so until assist arrives, no food must be given to the horse. It will even be a good suggestion to stroll the animal so it will not take into consideration the pain. If the creature doesn’t wish to stand up nevertheless it still continues to roll on the ground, everybody ought to assist out and switch the horse elsewhere so it doesn’t inflict any damage to itself or others. 
The doctor will usually give the horse some antibiotics. It will assist ease the pain and it’s a wait and see sport after that to see if there are any improvements. Some horses get well quickly whereas there are those that don’t so this really is dependent upon the animal. 
There are other experts who’ve a  pure treatment system to deal with equine colic. Instead of utilizing medication, herbs are used instead. Some examples of these are cape aloe leaf, ginger root, fennel, wild yam root and cayenne powder. That is mixed together with water or some alcoholic components and then given to the horse. 
Prevention in fact is still one of the best ways against any disease. It is because the cost of medicine and the skilled fees of a physician are fairly expensive. Right here are some things that horse house owners ought to do to stop equine colic. 
1. First, the particular person should watch the meals being served to the horse. Processed grains from a reliable supplier are ideal when raising such an impressive animal. Some people think that hay is okay but it might have bugs or other foreign objects, which might cause problems. This ought to be checked earlier than that is given. 
2. Aside from checking for international objects in the hay, the person should also have a parasite control program. This can be sure that the stable is clean at all times even if this is washed completely a number of instances a week. 
3. Horses need loads of exercise to remain fit. A brief trip or simply strolling with it for a couple of minutes everyday can assist strengthen its immune system. It’ll also need enough rest. There have to be time given to the horse to simply roam around or just lie nonetheless in the stable. 
4. All multivitamins or drugs that will be given to the horse should first be examined by the vet. It is because some might make the animal sick particularly if it has a delicate digestive system. 
5. The particular person also needs to make sure the horse practices correct hygiene. This means giving it a bath and brushing its tooth since deposits could quickly become infections that might get worse if nothing is completed to treat it.

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Heartworm Facts and Basic Information

Heartworm disease is a parasitic roundworm that develops inside the right side of the heart. These worms damage it and lessen the efficiency of the lungs and liver amongst the other vital organs of the body. This is the disease that engendered alertness and caused alarm to the health condition of dogs, cats, mammals and other wild animals such as coyotes, wolves, muskrats, and the like that are situated in the United States of America, Canada, Alaska, Atlantic and along the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River Valley.

The transmission and development of these worms from one infected host to another is through blood sucking of mosquitoes. Female adult worms that are 10 inches long give birth to worms that are called microfilariae. These microfilariae are microscopic in size. They circulate in the blood of the host from which the mosquitoes would suck. The ingested microfilariae in the blood will develop to young larvae and will stay in the mouth of the mosquitoes. When the mosquito sucks blood through the skin of another animal, the larvae will then leave the mouth of the mosquito and will eventually penetrate the skin and muscles of the new host and from the skin and muscles, the larvae will go the right side of the heart of the infected host and will mature there. Serious and irreversible damage to the lungs and heart could result to this kind of infection. One of the most common pathological processes observed due to heartworm disease is inflammation of the pulmonary artery. This is one of the effects of heartworm disease. The persistent irritation of adult worms in the right side of the heart thickens and roughens the pulmonary artery. Because of this, blood clots form which then caused back pressure to the lungs since the opening of the miniscule blood vessels’ is blocked. Contacting an animal doctor for your dog when you sense that your pet may be infected is a good step towards acting upon this problem and preventing possible spread by treating what could be found. However, a free-living wild animal that’s infected of heartworm disease may not be treated as this has been deemed as not feasible yet.

Treatment of heartworm disease may have a very strong effect on the host’s body. For instance, when a dog is infected, a drug could kill the adult worm as it is very toxic flushing all the worms in the right side of the heart and other parts. However, the dead worms may clot the pulmonary artery and other blood vessels that the lungs would need that’s why infected dogs that have been treated need to take a two-week rest inside the house to prevent them from acquiring other diseases. Meanwhile, according to reports, there is no significant alert about heartworm disease to spread to the general public, however, there are some credible results that identified humans as infected hosts of these worms. Furthermore, the effect on this to the wild animals’ lives may be very significant since these animals will be hard to treat from this kind of disease.

Heartworm disease is a parasitic roundworm that develops inside the right side of the heart. These worms damage it and lessen the efficiency of the lungs and liver amongst the other vital organs of the body.

Extraordinary Information on Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile pet grooming is what you may desire to get if you are such a hectic person and almost have no time to take your pets to an exceptional pet grooming place. Of course, there is no doubt that lots of people with pets view their pets as if they were their tikes. You should be grateful due to there is a mobile pet grooming out there to give you such a pleasant service.

Of course, each pet proprietor should be totally realize that they are fully responsible for what does or does not take place with their pet. This is a symbol of that pet proprietors should be ready to give all of the love and care that is required, and this includes providing your pet the ideal grooming that he or she needs.

Lots of people tend to not memorize the significance of this either due to money or time. If time is the issue, there is a brilliant selection out there for those who just don’t seem to have much time on their hands. Mobile pet grooming is an option for you to opt.

Hunting for Truthful Companies

When we talk to take care of your pet, there’s nothing more significant then being sure that all of the people who come into contact with your pet will make your pet’s most wonderful. When calling around for diverse mobile pet grooming business you will want to make certain that you be familiar a bit about them before you believe your pet with them.

Therefore, they will not be saddened by your questions or unwilling to answer them.

Perhaps your pets visit with the mobile pet grooming business will be short lived. Yet, you want to be sure that it’s a safe and lovely one so your pet is going to wish to go back time and time again.

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4 Basic Horse Betting Tips That Work

Horse racing has been more than a sport for a very long time. It’s a love and the thrill of betting has captivated us for more than 100 years. Horse racers have flourished primarily because of the following the people have given to it.

Horse racing gives so much adrenaline to the horse racers. However, a bigger portion of horse racing patrons is not on the field of actual racing. They are sometimes on the cheering crowd while some are on deep silence as they wait for the winner.

Horse betting gives as an adrenaline rush much like the the actual horses and jockeys in the race itself. Aside from the thrills that the actual racing gives, the hype of making money on the actual betting is more popular.

If you are a new horse race better, you may want to study horse betting first. Some tips in horse betting that is worth taking notes about are:

1. Look for above average horses – not heavily backed ones. Winning horses are heavily backed-up but will prove as poor value bets in terms of making money.

2. Look for horses that ran in the latest previous races. This is because these horses are conditioned to the race unlike the ones who did not run for a long time.

3. When the race track is muddy, therefore slow, bet on those who are on the lead. Leaders on the muddy and slow tracks usually will win because it will be difficult for the rest to catch up.

4. Equally important is to select an experienced jockey especially on obstacle racing. Remember that it is still the jockey’s ability which controls the horse therefore he is of equal importance as the horse’s ability.

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Looking For Fun and Interesting Horse Racing Facts?

You don’t have to be a horse racing fan in order to enjoy reading this article. The main purpose of this article is to make the readers aware of fun and interesting facts about horses and horse racing. Based on studies it has been found out that Hyracothoreium was the name given to one of the first horses 50 million years ago. It is believed that this horse had toes and it took more than a million years for the horse to turn into a modern horse. Belonging to the equus family (Greek word for quickness), it is estimated that there are over 75,000,000 horses in the world. Even though their average life span is approximately 25-30 years, “Old Billy”, the oldest horse recorded till date, lived up to 62 years.

One of the most interesting facts about horses is that one can tell about their age depending on how many teeth they have. Surprisingly, a horse expends more energy while lying down rather than standing up. When it comes to racing facts there is unlimited information available. Horse racing started as a sport during 1500 BC in Egypt. Today, this sport has gained tremendous popularity all over the world. It started with harness racing that dates back to early Greece. Chariot races later turned into a source of entertainment for the people and this led to breeding of stronger and faster horses for military use, work and sports. It was in the year 1174 when the first public racecourse was opened in London. Initially, during 16th century, prizes were given to the winners in English racing but in 1780 the first sweepstake event was held which was originated by the 12th Earl of Derby.

19th century also witnessed the rise in popularity of Steeplechase in which the horses were raced in a course with shallow water jumps and hurdles. It was during this time that betting started being taxed and legalized at the tracks in the US. Today, the pari-mutuel wagering system is used at the tracks in America. But there are many states that have continued offering facilities for off-track betting. The Internet is filled with valuable and interesting information about horses and horse racing. So, if you want to know more facts do a quick research on the Internet.

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What are Draft Horse Saddles?

Draft horses need special saddles and they are aptly called the draft horse saddles. If you by any choice own a draft horse, read on; all the information you need is right here. Firstly, it’s very important that you always buy high quality draft horse saddles for your horse. A draft horse is an exceptionally heavy horse that is bred to do heavy manual tasks. These tasks include farm labour, carrying stuff and ploughing in the fields. So buying a good quality saddle bags are of vital importance for the horse owner as well as for the comfort of the horse. The horse should be comfortable enough so that it can do the hard laborious work in a smooth way.

One of the best markets to buy the draft horse saddles is the online markets. Online websites which particularly target the draft horse owners offer a variety of draft horse saddles to choose from. Many types of draft horse saddles are available in the market. The Abetta Draft Horse Saddle is a fantastic all rounder saddle that is made from tough fibre coating and has multi core competencies. The Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle on the other hand is made from fibre glass covered with wood tree, an excellent alternative to leather. Another one is the King Series Draft Horse Saddle which has a padded leather seat and neoprene skirts. The saddle has laced stirrups too, which sits quite comfortably on the horse. But the most commonly used saddle is the Hilason Western Draft Horse Saddle. It’s used widely because this particular brand of saddle is very attractive looking and is manufactured on a tough and durable fibre glass tree.

Saddles as a rule must always fit the draft horse perfectly and offer the horse as well as the rider, amazing comfort. Saddles are ideally made from leather and have stirrups which have buckles on them for allowing quick change in lengths. The draft horse saddles also many times have extra accessories like fancy stirrups and matching fenders.

Real Draft Horse saddles can also be custom made. This facility can be found in the western countries like Texas, where horse riding is a popular sport and draft horses can be found in a huge number there. One specification to look out for is that draft horse saddles should be designed specifically for draft horses. Draft horses are huge and bulky horses and thereby weigh much. So obviously, these saddles are not cheap lightweight saddles. Normally saddles made for draft horses are manufactured in the United States of America, where availability of super thick premium heavyweight leather is easy. These saddles are built with oversize frames and skirts to look correct when a person is sitting on the back of very large horses, like draft horses.

These saddles are made to last for a longer period of time and thereby extremely high quality materials are used for making it.  If you are paying a high price for these saddles, you can be assured of its high quality too.

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The Care and Prevention of a Horse – Bowed Tendons

Have you ever had a horse with a bowed tendon?  Excessive or strenuous training can easily cause injury in your horses tendon. I had never heard of a bowed tendon, so when it happened to my horse, I didn’t have any idea what to do.  It happened when I had my horse in training with an over zealous trainer and the sad part was I watched it happen.

If you follow these three simple tips, you can prevent a tendon injury in your horse.  

First, warm your horse up properly before starting your training session.  Make sure you walk at least 10-15 minutes before you ask for the trot or canter.  Trainers sometimes don’t take the time to warm up the horse properly because it takes too much time. Always make sure to warm up at a nice easy walk with simple changes of direction, rather than at a trot or canter.

Secondly, if you notice any type of swelling in your horses legs, apply first aid immediately by icing the legs and putting a proper standing wrap for support.  Give your horse stall rest with light hand walking for a week or so, until you see the swelling go down.  

The third tip for bowed tendon prevention is to avoid hot walkers.  Even though they are a time saver, the constant strain of walking in a circle can further injure tendons. Always hand walk your horse when they have a leg injury.

If you have a horse right now with a bowed tendon, the first step of recovery is rest with light hand walking.  The following steps are what I used to help my horse make a full recovery from his severe tendon injury.

1. Ice twice a day, and apply a standing wrap for constant support.

2. Hand walk for 5 minutes twice a day during the acute stage of injury.

3. Use an infrared laser to help reduce the scar tissue, and speed healing to the tendon.

4. Make sure your farrier understands what a balanced foot is in order to reduce the strain on the tendons of your horses legs.

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Interesting and Fun Facts on Horses

Horses are known for their power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength and freedom. They are part of the family Equidae, which consist of donkeys, zebras, mules and more. There exists more than 250 breeds of horses. They are mostly bred to pull carts, work on farms, for racing, showing and even as a beloved pet. Having a horse as an animal companion has become as common as having a pet dog or cat. A horses height is measured in units know as “hands”. One hand is equal to 4 inches. The average riding horse is 15 hands tall. That’s about 60 inches or 5 feet tall.

These hoofed mammals can live for around 20 – 25 years. Old Billy is one of the oldest horses that lived an astonishing 62 years of age. Old Billy was born in England in 1760 and lived as a barge horse that pulled barges up and down canals. Horses have evolved over the past 45 – 55 million years. From a small multi-toed creature into the large, single-toed creature we see today. The male is called a Stallion and the female is known as Mare. The baby is also known as a Foal. The diet of the horse consists of short, juicy grass and hay, along with barley, maize, oats and bran. This beautiful creature normally weighs around 1000 to 1100 pounds.

The elegance and beauty of a horse has been used in home decor today. It symbolizes power and movement. When used in Feng Shui, it can bring success, fame, freedom and speed. It has been said that placing two horses together can help build strong partnership in business or in marriage. The figurines should be placed such that it is coming in and not going out of the house. Horse shoes are also considered to be lucky however, hanging a horse shoe upside down is considered back luck.

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