Horse Lead Ropes

Of all the tack and supplies necessary for handling a horse, horse lead ropes, in conjunction with a halter, have to be one of the most important. Horse leads allow the handler to control the animal in a manner that provides maximum safety for the animal and person, alike. A halter is a device placed […]

Essential Pet Grooming Tips Everyone Should Know

Pet grooming tips are most commonly offered for dogs and cats, though cats are often more difficult to groom due to their natural aversion to water. Smaller animals can be groomed as well, especially animals that require nail trimming and teeth trimming, like small rodent pets. Grooming is a pretty important aspect of maintaining the […]

A Naturally Clean Horse

I am flat amazed at the mass selection of shampoos and conditioners on the market for horses. There are shelves and shelves of them at every tack shop and feed store. Horses have oil on their skin for a reason. A mild shampoo once every couple of weeks throughout the summer and a mild conditioner […]

Sales Tips For Beginners

Take it a step at a time because that is how it happens. It is easy to allow your mind to race with all of the “what if” scenarios. You will not know everything ahead of time, but it can be helpful to ask the prospect questions before meeting with them when possible. Know that […]

Horse Stalls Layout and Design

Horses are noble creatures. Mentioned many times in the Bible and in mythology, the horse is the substance for dreams of the rich and poor alike. Someone said once, “Give me a horse and just keep the rest”. All horses have a need for good safe stabling. Horse stall design begins with the barn itself. […]

Tattoo design ideas for beginners

Here’s a bunch of tattoo ideas that are obviously built around the various themes.  Tattoo ideas can vary like the one which is inspired by the culture of the Polynesian tribe warriors that used these tattoos as a war marks and the talismans that supposed to give them strength in battle or The three most […]

Dog Grooming Bath

Pet hygiene is essential for human and animal health and wellness. Bathing makes an important stage of a dog’s grooming routine and it can be performed weekly or monthly, depending on the case. Shampoo and water are bliss and any dog grooming bath is a great occasion to brush the pet’s hair, clean its ears […]

Social Media Benefits 101 – Back to Basics

As a small business owner, it’s important to your success to understand social media’s benefits and why it’s worth the time to learn and make a part of your marketing routine. So why care about social media right now? Proves You are a Living, Breathing, REAL Person It sounds kind of funny but it’s crucial. […]