Novelty Horse Jumps

Just because you ride a show horse, doesn’t mean that your whole life has to be serious. While taking care of such a large creature is also a major responsibility, there are many ways that you can enjoy your rides and your training exercises to physically prepare your horse for competition without mentally boring yourself to death from repetition. One of the ways to do this is to change up the way you look at horse jumps and the obstacle course altogether. Who says you have to always use traditional jumps and materials, especially on your home course?

Indeed, there are no rules when it comes to your own horse and your own course. Manufacturers of horse jumps know this and many will design alternative pieces for your gate fillers and other course accessories. This makes riding your home course less tedious and more interesting, as you can change the pieces up as you see fit. While you shouldn’t get too comfortable with them, since it is highly unlikely that you will see such pieces in a formal competition, they can really help you to focus on the task at hand instead of how drab your practice course might be.

Alternative horse jumps might include pieces with much brighter colors, like walls that are fire-engine red. They might also include dice on a stand, which although unrelated, is still a fun alternative to the norm. In fact, there are many different kinds of dice stands to hold up your jump bars. You can even find pieces that are shaped to look like dominos or traffic lights and other familiar knick-knacks. Flower troughs help to bring some natural color and beauty to your course, while custom-made banners and gates make for a more personalized course experience that will remind you that your pride is on the line at your next competition.

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What to Look For in Horse Property

Horse properties are often looked at for purchase by horse owners who have plans to breed their horses in a big way and also look to be part of the turf club activities. Different horse owners have different requirements as far as a horse property is concerned, but there are some basic amenities that are commonly scouted for by all horse owners, before they finalize on any horse property.

One of the most important factors is accessibility as the horse feed and related materials required for a healthy and safe breeding of the horsed need to reach the farm without much of a difficulty. The roads should be asphalted so that bad weather does not create slush and make it impossible to transport all items into the barn. Availability of water is another important factor that tilts the deal in its favor. No matter how good the property is, if the land has an issue with water availability, then most horse owners would never want to buy any such property. This is because water scarcity is one of the biggest problems that any barn can face and create quite a problem. Maintenance of pasture land and availability of good quality grass is another important aspect, as no matter what alternative you can think of feeding a horse, good grass is always the best feed that a horse can get.

Another important aspect is the system for sewage and disposal of waste water. The water that flows after the horses are washed, need to be properly disposed as per rules and regulations governing the state. The sewage also needs to be properly disposed of and hence a good effective system for these is mandatory. While buying horse properties, one important aspect is the zonal regulations. Make sure that you have all necessary clearance as required for a horse property so that you do not have to relocate later for absence of clearances. Parking space for trailers and slope of the property, so that you do not have to face erosion in case of strong rain and winds, are other minor but important issues that you need to keep in mind while finalizing on horse properties.

There are obviously a number of other issues to consider when buying horse property, as you are not only buying a property but also making its use in a certain way, as these properties cannot be put to any other specific use. It would be a good idea to consult a Realtor who has experience with dealing in equestrian properties. If the Realtor has horses of his own and lives in a similar property, this is the best advice you can get as they tend to understand the problems and issues that any horse owner shall face in the absence of certain amenities.

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Choosing Right Horse Tack Supplies

Horse tack supplies are a must-have for any horse owner. If you are planning on buying a horse, you should start by purchasing some items now, that way you will have most of what you need before you get your horse. If you already have a horse and are looking to get horse tack or add items to your horse tack, this article will help you decide what you need. Just know that owning a horse is expensive. The care, the maintenance, vet bills and food is not going to be cheap. So do yourself and your animal a favor, be sure that you don’t try to go bargain hunting when shopping for horse tack supplies. Think quality.

The number thing you will need is a saddle. Don’t skimp on this purchase. Get the highest quality saddle as well as the most recommend by other owners. The saddle will be the most expensive item in your horse tack supplies. The type of saddle you get depends highly on the types and the type or amount of riding you plan on doing. Just make sure you get one made from quality leather for easy cleaning and invest in a good saddle oil to keep it in good condition.

Next set of items to go in your tack box are grooming supplies. Horses need regular daily grooming and keeping everything in one location will save time. Even if it’s during the cold season, buy a shedding blade now. When the season changes, your animal will shed and having one on hand will save a trip to the store. Other tack supplies for grooming include sponges, mane brushes and hoof picks. Don’t forget to include shampoo so you can wash the coat. A fly mask is something your horse will thank you for during the summer months. These masks will keep flies the nose, mouth, ears and eyes. For severe fly problems get a fly blanket.

Depending on your use, other tack supplies may include bits, harnesses, reins, bridles and most importantly stirrups.

You can get better tack ideas from the person you bought your horse from or from horse experts. Even though you don’t want to get cheap products, there is nothing wrong with comparison-shopping when searching for tack supplies. Ideally, you want to find products that are made with experience and quality materials. Then you want to read consumer reviews on those products. Just because a product is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Read the reviews from other horse owners, then shop around and try to find the best price for the horse tack item. While you don’t want to be cheap, there is nothing wrong with saving money when you can. is your comprehensive source for the highest quality and designed horse tack supplies.

Dog Grooming Tips – Save Money on Your Dog Grooming Bills

Not everybody can afford to pay a few hundred dollars per month to cover the pet’s grooming costs. Here are some dog grooming tips that can help you enjoy your pet’s look without having to pour money into other people’s pockets. The breed is important as well as the anatomical structure because every dog has different needs according to these two elements.

Brushes have to be well chosen to match the hair thickness and length. Maximum two brushes should do for regular brushing. For a good choice, read some dog grooming tips related to coat care specific for your dog’s breed. Check pictures and then find the items either at the local pet store or directly online from various dealers.

You can also learn how to clean the pet’s ears by reading professional dog grooming tips. Hair, wax and dirt make a very unpleasant combination building up in the ear canals and thus reduce the auditive acuity of your pet. The hair needs to be carefully pulled out frequently, so that wax does not build up on it. Use some special accessories that you put on the fingers when gripping this hair, because both scissors and the naked fingers can cause damage to the tissues.

One other challenge is trimming toenails, but dog grooming tips could save you from a lot of trouble here too. Pet owners hate long claws because dogs can cause damage to the floors and carpets by scratching. Some medium clippers should do to help you cut the nails without injuries. Ask your vet for nail trimming recommendations too.

Pay special attention the eyes as well, particularly stains appear under the eyes because of tears. While some breeds are prone to tearing, with others, tears are a sign of an existent medical condition. A bit of hydrogen peroxide in warm water should reduce the discoloration on light colored dogs but you have to be extremely careful and not get too close to the eyes. This is not a standard dog grooming solution, but rather an improvisation that could prove a very bad idea on certain occasions.

Otherwise, with a little care and interest, you can implement many dog grooming tips successfully for your pet’s well being. Keep in mind the fact that grooming needs to be performed regularly, and that you should have time to take care of it every week. The condition of the hair and the nails rapidly deteriorates without proper care and you will notice the difference that comes with this kind of negligence.

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A Brief Overview Of Some Essentials For Complete Horse Care

The horse is a majestic animal needing to be properly taken care of for it to remain healthy. Read the following article to learn what is needed for the care and maintenance of a horse.

One of the most powerful animals and a great companion, the horse needs tender-loving care. It is essential to learn and take care of all the needs of the horse so that you have a healthy, perfectly turned-out horse who can give you a thrilling ride. There are endless varieties of products available for the care of your horse in the market place. You must know and understand what your horse needs and have all those items on hand so you can care for your horse. Here are a few essentials for horse care that might be of help to you:

Clothing: Extreme ranging temperatures can be dangerous for the horse. Appropriate clothing is needed for all kinds of weather; especially warm blankets in the winters to protect the horse from the biting cold are a necessity. There are all kinds of sheets, blankets and coolers available for the horses. Along with the basic clothing, boots and wraps are needed for leg protection. Saddle pads are essential for both the horse as well as the rider’s comfort. Fly masks and fly sheets help keep away the flies and other insects from the horse.

Grooming: There are a variety of products that help in the maintenance and grooming of the horse. The grooming products for a horse includes cleaning products like shampoos and sponges to keep the horse free of the dirt and mud; products like brushes, combs, clippers and other accessories for the coat of the horse and other such grooming products to keep your horse looking prim and proper.

Medicinal Aid: It is a good idea to have some basic medicinal products in stock to give the horse first aid when needed before you call your veterinarian. Minor wounds and scrapes can be treated by yourself and you wouldn’t need to call your veterinarian for these little problems. Some of the items to be included in the medical kit are antiseptics, wound dressings, splints, tweezers, bandages and so on.

Barn Supplies: There are also some necessary barn supplies needed for the horse like stall guards to keep them safely in their stalls, buckets for drinking water and hay nets for the hay to feed the horse.

Tack: Finally, there are essential items that make it convenient for you to handle the horse and in riding him/her like bridles and halters, stirrups, reins and bits.

There are a large variety of horse supplies and tack available, however it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the products you purchase since it matters in the comfort level of the horse, which effects its health and performance. Apart from these products, it goes without saying that the right food, nutrition and shelter are essential for the horse to stay healthy. With the right nutrition, comfortable barn, appropriate maintenance products and plentiful of care, you ensure the perfect health of your horse, proving to be a good owner of the animal.

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Dog Grooming at Home

Dog grooming at home solutions are an alternative to professional grooming services, and many pet owners see it as a way of saving money. There are advantages and disadvantages about dog home grooming, since you may save money but you definitely invest time and effort in the activity. Statics show that short-haired small breeds are the most compatible with dog grooming home conditions. Any dog that requires complex grooming, special maintenance and hair cutting is better handled professionally than at home, because the owner may lack the skills to cope with the task.

Equipment could be a problem with dog grooming at home trials. Without a minimum of supplies the operation is not possible. Grinders, brushes, clippers and even a grooming table are actually considered basic. Combs and scissors are useful, although not always a necessity. Don’t forget about special shampoos and cleaning solutions. Dog grooming home practice comes with the responsibility for the pet’s health condition, therefore, don’t take it lightly.

Look for tips and suggestions to learn more about dog grooming at home challenges. Try to find out about the possibly special needs of the breed and talk to the veterinarian if you notice any injury or health problem under the dog’s coat. When left untreated or neglected because they are not noticed in time, lots of apparently harmless bumps on the dog’s hair could become real health problems. The advantage of professional grooming here is that such cases are easier to find and signal on thorough cleaning. Pay the same attention to the nails, teeth, eyes and ears as you pay to brushing and bathing.

Nail trimming is necessary at least once a month, depending on how short you cut the dog’s claws. Great care is necessary because lots of vein injuries happen when you cut nails too short. Dog grooming home care therefore requires lots of patience: you have to treat the dog gently because few pets like their paws touched. In fact, the process of nail cutting and trimming is pretty slow considering that you need to take breaks, pat and reward the dog with small treats in order to make it cooperative. In conclusion, you may save money with dog grooming home solutions, but you’ll definitely put time and effort into it. The choice is all yours!

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How to Prevent and Care for a Horse with Ticks

Ticks are a fear for everyone passing through grassy or forested areas. The tiny arachnids can crawl undetected under clothes and latch themselves on to any bit of skin. The threat is greater for a horse, who will not be looking for a tick and has no real way to remove them. But just what threat, beyond the obvious gross factor, do they pose to a horse’s health?

The worst case scenario involves your horse being so thoroughly infested with ticks that she begins to experience anemia, or a shortage of red blood cells. Ticks survived by sucking the blood of animals, nevertheless, this is not a major issue for horses considering their sizes.

Ticks are often carriers of a number of diseases, the two most common of which are Lyme disease and piroplasmosis. Signs of Lyme disease, which can manifest itself into a serious condition, often include soreness, fever, and joint stiffness and can often be mistaken for a mild cold.

Piroplasmosis on the other hand causes weakness, depression, and fever, and is much more common in the Caribbean and is carried by tropical horse ticks.

Ticks love to latch themselves on certain parts of a horse. The mane and tail of a horse are two of the most popular locations. Ticks can also attach themselves to almost any parts of your horses, including their legs and under the body. Some ticks are actually much more predisposed to burrow into the ear of a horse. Predictably, there are known as ear ticks. If you notice your horse in considerable discomfort tossing her head, this may be the reason.

Unfortunately, tick prevention is quite a challenge. There is no way to ensure that ticks will not come to call your animal home, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the possibility. Because ticks occur most often in heavily wooded areas or areas with tall grasses or bushes, you can avoid these areas and keep fields mowed regularly.

The greatest thing you can do for your horse with regards to ticks is to control them. After riding in an area that you fear may be home to many ticks, it is useful to conduct a thorough check of all the likely hiding spots on your horse’s body. Despite their size, ticks are also very accomplished at tracking their prey, and could follow your horse all the way home. Because of this, doing a quick tick check over the next few days may be a good idea.

If you do find one or more ticks on your horse’s body, there are several options. No matter what treatment methods you go for, the number one rule is to try remove the ticks as soon as you can. Special tweezers made for tick removal are available, but this may not be practical for removing ticks from several areas.

Another solution is a topical pesticide. These chemicals come in many forms, including spray cans, powder or paste form, and can be applied to the affected areas. It is important to realize that these pesticides will not kill the ticks immediately and they might not fall off for several days.

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How To Best Care For Your Horse

Horses are a friendly and majestic creature by nature. They require a large amount of affection and attention from their owners, but will return the affection and are often the best friend that a person could ask for. However, more importantly, they need to be thoroughly cared for. This can be accomplished through frequently grooming your horse, along with keeping their stall clean. A good grooming process involves brushing their mane and tail, picking hooves, and brushing your horse with a hard brush and then a soft one.

Your horse will live the majority of its life in its stall, so it is crucial that the stall’s conditions are up to par. This means that their stall should be clean and comfortable at all times. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of quality dust free horse bedding. Horse stalls need to be consistently cleaned. Otherwise, the stall can attract germs, insects, and can lead to hoof problems. Breathing ammonia from urine saturated bedding can also be very harmful to your horse’s health.

It is recommended to clean or muck out your horse’s stall on a daily basis, but you will need to completely change the bedding much less frequently. The frequency of a complete clean will depend largely on how often your horse is in their stall. If you replace the bedding that you have taken out after mucking, this will ensure the longest life of your bedding. Most horse owners do a full clean out about every week to every four weeks. After you remove the bedding, you will want to disinfect the floor with a quality disinfectant to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Premium horse bedding ensures that your horse stays healthy, comfortable, and warm throughout the year. Make sure to find ultra compressed bedding that is very dry in nature and dust-free. It is best to use pure shavings that do not contain chemicals, such as sealants or wood fillers, which can be harmful to your horse.

There are a number of products available to keep your horse’s stall clean and comfortable. However, horse bedding is usually sufficient, affordable, and easy to find. You can easily find quality horse bedding at your local horse supply store or online. It is very affordable and only needs to be changed out every week or so. For cold winter months, it is advisable to also put a horse blanket in the stall to provide added warmth for your horse.

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American Bulldog Care 101

What you need to know about caring for your puppy

When you are faced with the task of caring for your puppy, you need to know more about how to do it properly than you might first expect. Caring for your puppy can and probably will take up much of your time, so you have to be prepared for the long haul ahead. Aside from taking up much time, your new puppy will also take up much expenses and space in your house. Taking care of a puppy can be pretty expensive, but if you don’t do it right, you’re bound to face even larger costs. Aside from that, puppies can take up space in your house. A big one, too, especially if you are house training it. And of course, if you want to train your puppy, everyone in your house should be in on what’s not allowed and what’s allowed. This will help you all work together in training the puppy without anyone teaching it different things.

Puppy care is not that simple!

A puppy is just like a little child. Its needs are not just physical. When you decide to play mommy or daddy to a puppy, you need to take on the full responsibility of providing for all its needs, be it physical or emotional. A puppy, naturally, has physical needs that pertain to its health and nutrition. This can take up much of your time, especially in preparing its meals, grooming it, taking it to vet check ups, and keeping it away from diseases. Aside from that, a puppy also has emotional needs. It needs, first and foremost, your attention, and your affection as well. We know that dogs are very sensitive; puppies are even more so. Their behavior can be easily altered by lack of attention, so when their emotional needs are fulfilled, puppies will less likely be rowdy and aggressive when they grow up.  

But it’s not that hard either!  

Here are some puppy care tips that will definitely help you kickstart the wonderful experience of caring for your pet. To take care of your puppy, the first rule is to inform yourself about how to do it. Read books, articles, and ask your vet a lot of questions to ensure that you’re doing the right thing. The second rule is to let the vet be a part of the caring process. Always take your pup to scheduled vet visits for regular checkups and vaccines. Vaccines make up the third rule in caring for your puppy. Don’t miss out on the vaccines that your pet needs. These could just save your puppy’s life a lot of times in the future. The fourth rule involves making a lot of decisions, especially about spaying or neutering. The procedures are best done when dogs are still puppies, way before they sexually age. As a new puppy carer, this is one decision you have to make early on. The fifth rule tells you to clean up your house. Make sure that your house is puppy-proof. Take away everything that might cause harm to your dog. The sixth rule is to train your dog. You can house train or obedience train. You can try them on your own first, and if you think that you can’t do it, sign up a professional trainer. This will help keep your dog under control, especially when it grows up. Caring for a puppy is a continuous process. If you want to get a puppy, you have to be committed to the task of caring for it as well.

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Dog Grooming School

A challenging but very rewarding profession, dog grooming requires special training or education. The courses organized by a dog grooming school are the straight-forward chance of getting a job in this activity. The entire training process heavily relies on practical applications conducted under the supervision of a trainer. An understanding of the pet needs and the possibility to work on live pets become premises for skill development. A grooming school could also provide courses for placement assistance, vet technician training and several other specializations that can become the basis for a solid career.

Home study programs represent another option to a classic dog grooming school. Normally, programs are structured in six or eight-week curricula. The program should be accredited by an official institution, and it is a good idea to check for the accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. There are colleges, trade schools or community colleges that recognize the professional training completed in a dog grooming school or the certification following a distance learning program. For anyone who considers a career in dog grooming, an evaluation of the alternatives is essential.

Between distance learning and direct training, the latter is definitely more adequate for one’s needs, thanks to the practical side of teaching. If you don’t find satisfactory information on the Internet, you can ask the local groomers about the school that they attended. Attending the courses of a local institution has a lot of advantages because you have the chance to develop skills by working directly on animals. Then, there comes the issue of tools, because Internet courses and home programs do not supply the necessary equipment.

In a grooming school, on the other hand, you will find all the didactic material necessary to develop good professional skills. After you graduate the program of a dog grooming school you will be a certified groomer with the possibility to go for an independent business career or to get a job in a pet salon, vet or rescue center. Last but not least, if there are several schools to choose from, make comparisons between their educational standards and the costs they require for the courses.

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